Issue #4

Issue #4

Hello world and welcome back!

In light of the recent Coronavirus update and push towards remote work, I’m sure many of you have found some extra time for yourselves, for better or worse. For a number of reasons, the past few months have allowed me significantly more free time outside of daily commitments. Throughout college, this time was elusive. I loved the steady energy, but the pressure to do more work, apply for one more job, or even go out carried its weight. Luckily, I’ve found work to be a refreshing transition - I work fairly standard hours, engage in a number of initiatives outside work, and (try to) maintain a regular gym routine, yet I very intentionally set aside time for what some would consider a sense of ‘boredom’.

Personally, this boredom comes through an incessant and unexplainable habit of pacing. With or without music, the simple act of walking allows me to think clearly without frustration if there is nothing to dwell on (music helps!). Most anything we do requires a state of flow to achieve results, and the constant stream of media and information makes it nearly impossible to force this time upon ourselves. Time is our one limited resource, making its preservation even more important - our work, external stresses, media, etc. play into the cycle that consistently eats away at it without giving the mind a break. If there is any thought I find remotely interesting, I will write it down and revisit. If its some thing I want to do or buy and can clearly articulate the reasons why, I’ll go forward with it. I would encourage you to force some time on yourself to just 'be’. There’s no right way nor specific outcome that you need to define for this time. Rather, use it to give your mind space to realize what could be even a minor idea or a part of life you hadn’t considered. Whatever your method is, focus on experiencing time without any external stimulation - today’s culture has made this uncharted territory for many which makes this ever more difficult. Last week, I spoke on the importance of relationships. In a similar manner, enforce that relationship with yourself - it does make a difference.

On to round 4!

Art I've Enjoyed

Take a look at the drawings below and make a mental picture of the artist:


Correct Answer: His name is Dušan Krtolica and he is 17 years old. He began drawing at age two and continued to evolve and gain mastery over the years: check him out here.


What I'm Reading

I greatly admire (LinkedIn cofounder) Reid Hoffman, in part because of his ability to lead as well as his innate ability to connect. I love the way he approaches conversations, manages his network, and treats life as a strategic game.

What I'm Using

After a few weeks of going to the gym before work, I realized the biggest problem I faced was the ability to get out of bed to turn on my light each morning. I needed a way to remove that ability to snooze - I bought an Alexa smart outlet to connect to my lamp and ensure a timed wake-up.

What I'm Watching

I mean c'mon.