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My name is Sachit, traditionally pronounced Suh-chith ⬇️.

I’m a proud Saint Louis native, though have since jumped between Nashville, DC, San Francisco, and now New York City. I spend most of my time rabbit-holing on an ever-growing list of newsletter subscriptions, experimenting with new hot sauces (a current favorite here), and keeping up with the latest NBA drama.

I strongly believe in the power of documentation and aim to put out lighter thoughts more frequently.



I work at Retool on the go-to-market team. I started as a Deployed Engineer supporting our largest customers and have since shifted to helping build out our services function. Most of my time is spent hacking on apps, operationalizing our service offerings and processes, and working closely with our wonderful customer base.

I find most enjoyment in the creative aspects - abstracting build patterns, finding gaps in our product, and scaling operations.

Btw, we’re hiring!

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