Hi! I’m Sachit👋

welcome to my tiny corner of the internet.


My name is Sachit, traditionally pronounced Suh-chith.

I’m a proud Saint Louis native, though have jumped between Nashville, DC, San Francisco, and now Brooklyn.

I enjoy falling into internet rabbit holes, documenting musings on life, and pursuing small side quests.

I love most sports and games, and am actively working to improve in poker, spikeball, golf, pickleball, and basketball. If you’re in Williamsburg and play, hmu!



I work at Retool on the go-to-market team. I began in 2021 as a deployed engineer, spent some time as a technical CSM, and now work as a solutions architect helping to spin up and build out our services function.

Most of my time is spent hacking on apps, operationalizing our service offerings and processes, and working closely with our wonderful customer base.

I was also a fellow for Contrary Research and a contributor to the Technically newsletter.

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