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My name is Sachit, traditionally pronounced Suh-chith ⬇️.

I’m a proud Saint Louis native, though have since jumped between Nashville, DC, San Francisco, and now New York City. I spend most of my time rabbit-holing on an ever-growing list of newsletter subscriptions, experimenting with new hot sauces (a current favorite here), and keeping up with the latest NBA drama.

I strongly believe in the power of documentation and transparency, and have committed to putting out lighter thoughts more frequently.



I work at Retool on the go-to-market team. I started as a Deployed Engineer supporting our largest customers and recently shifted into a traditional solutions architect role. Most of my time is spent hacking on apps, operationalizing our service offerings, and working with our wonderful customer base.

I find most enjoyment in the creative aspects - abstracting patterns, finding gaps in our product, and thinking about scale.

We’re hiring!

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